Lisa DeNatale

Positive Vibes Only.

My style is “go big or go home”; I enjoy teaching express boot camps, spin and HIIT- where I like to pack an hour class into 35/45 minutes. Fast pace, intense work in a shorter period of time gets you energized with a great sweat and burn. A former college lacrosse player and mom of three boys, I enjoy a team atmosphere in my classes, where I will push you to bring out the best version of yourself.

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse”


Tara Painter

500 hour yoga teacher

Currently in a C-IAYT program to be a yoga therapist.

Love teaching yoga and sharing mindfulness.

Love helping people get in touch with their body - allowing the connection of the mind & body assist in healing and transforming

Love yoga so much because it’s a powerful tool that ANY body can access and utilize!

Yoga Instructor

Bizzer Gahagan

I love using my backgrounds in psychology and exercise science/programming to create individualized programs and plans that encourage adherence, and consistency.

My goal is to make exercise and resistance training approachable and accessible to all. I want to aid in removing the barriers and stigma around strength training and educate those on the benefits of proper form and progression.


Sidney Santiccioli

“Be the type of person that makes other people want to up their game”

I love teaching because, i take people out of their every day lives and challenging them to find the best version of themselves everyday in their workouts!


Maria Tsinivizidis

When starting your fitness journey, remember-
-Comparing yourself to other won’t do you any good.
-Focus on progress, not perfection
-You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent


Leslie Moran

The more things you do, the more you can do.


Jackie Cunha

I teach barre, Pilates, cycles, metabolic conditioning, bootcamps, and cardio classes. 
 I love to teach an upbeat fast paced class to push my clients to their max without realizing how hard they are actually working! The best compliment you can give me is “that was hard.”

Certifications: barre, mat Pilates, cycle, AFAA group fitness & perinatal certified.

Favorite song: I’m Here by Pink 


Petra Stewart

I’m a mom and proof that you can get the body you want at any stage of your life!

From a young age, sports and fitness has always been a part of my life and I knew early on that a career in health was for me. I've always appreciated not just the physical, but the mental impact of training. I want to help others feel the importance of taking control of their health and fitness. I am dedicated to motivating and changing the lives of my clients through my coaching.


Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza!

Instructor | Personal Trainer

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